My name is Clement Ling Jia Hao, a regular boy who loves Mathematics. I study at SK. St. Joseph. This year, I am going to turn to 12 years old. So at the early age, I love Mathematics. So my mother ended up sending me to “Mental Arithmetic & Abacus Class”, when I was five years old. Well, you know I study at SK. St. Joseph which was a Josephian school and almost everything at there is English. So, it is kind of difficult to me as I am not fluent in Chinese and my knowledge on writing Chinese words was definitely poor.

But with the support of the teachers and my parents, I continue to learn things there. As I learn, I found out a lot of knowledge’s in it too. Besides, its help me to count much faster than an average person. It helps me with my Mathematic at school. My marks for my Mathematics test getting higher and higher until I cannot believe that until now I still score 100 marks for my Mathematics test. It also helps me in my memorizing limitation. By learning this, I also can fill out my ample time as time is precious. Learning and learning, day by day cause I know one day I can succeed cause I know “It’s hard to fail, but it is worse if we never try to succeed”. While learning this, I also join the Abacus competition. I had gained a lot of experiences in each competition. I started to be check more brave or braver and I do have confidence in my self after joining the competitions. There is a number of times I had won number one but sometimes I had loose too. Luckily, my parents were there. They told me mean while my parents especially my mother keep on support and encouraging me in learning and to do keep this in my mind that it is so meaning full to learn from mistakes.

By learning mental and abacus arithmetic, I gain a lot of knowledge. I will never regret for joining or learning “Abacus Mental” is definitely the best choice I had ever made as it is really worth it.